Saturday, June 9, 2007

Soccer Boys!!! all call it Soccer here ...but we call it Football there. Oh well Tomahto - Tomaaaaato.
I found a new spot on the west side at a "secret" pier that people always walk pass. It's a huge football court with garage up top.
Anyway enough of location revealing. Enjoy today's new soccer boys.

This boy in yellow was my first love tonight. He stood out from the whole team with the bright yellow shorts and ofcourse the Lance Armstrong wrist band. Keep scrolling down for his "action" though. It got better.

Another team...equally hot.

Follow this yellow shorts boy...the action is about to happen.

Here it is... someone got in his way and he lost track on his ball (well literally!) and tripped.
I guess accident and sport always run in parallel. Poor yellow shorts boy got to sit by the court for the rest of the night.

Here are the rest of his teammates. Uniquely cute.


Christopher said...

i love the last guy reading vonnegut. lol!

PadThaiNYC said...

Yeah great way to killl soccer time right? :) I think after that yellow one went down. This one got in the game shortly.