Saturday, June 30, 2007

NYC Gay Pride Parade 2007

Here we go! Took me a week to get all photos ready on flickr. We all had fun again at the parade and i am sure all the boys on the floats did too. It was kind of long this year and some of our friends left before it ended. Oh well ...the show must go on.

Here's the link to full photo page on Flickr. Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hotness!! And I'd recognize Rafael Alencar's buttocks (in red speedo) anywhere!!

PadThaiNYC said...

Thanks for Visiting Ray Ray.

Yes Senor Alencar really stood out with his Gadong Gadong! He shook it for me on one shot but the other "Dave" ran into me and blurred my best shot! ..lamo.

Anonymous said...

I love him
This pic is hot.
Thank you..