Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Broadway Bares XVII - Myth Behavior

Finally full page photos have been uploaded to Picasa.

The annual benefit Equity Fights AIDS Broadway Bares hit the stage again last Sunday night. I am really glad I was there for both show and got my camera in (with a little help of a friend to provide the bag to cover it!)

The boys are HOT! Sure they were not in the sun persay but how could you recist gorgeous broadway dancers especially when they strip (almost) naked for good charity right?

For full photo page please visit this link on Picasa.

I'll do separate secments for some highlights from the show next upload.



Anonymous said...

i worked this show- it was crazy fun backstage!

PadThaiNYC said...

Did you notice one poor guy in the Centaurs number? The midnight show they ripped the thongs along with his pants so he was fully naked!

People went CRAZY! (and he's cute!)

I'll blog about this more later.